bruce silverman

“That which sings
and contemplates
in you still dwells
within the bounds
of that first moment
that scattered the stars into space.”

Kahlil Gibran


sacred work


celebration at wisdom university

Students Celebrating the completion of dream re-entry work
with music and dance. Naropa University: 1999



Bruce is available:

  1. Individually in face to face sessions or phone consultations where his training in transpersonal psychology counseling blends with his life-long exploration of world mythology, indigenous wisdom about dreams, and his archetypal and gestalt work.
  2. And as a workshop facilitator with 30 years of experience offering his unique process known as "Embodied Dream Work" that combines beginner friendly drumming as invocation, insight and dream interpretation, re-entering the dream and playing out and stretching the dream narrative, (an extension of dream theatre) and then carefully closing the group sessions with reflections, blessings, poems, and closure. As a skilled therapist and facilitator, Bruce has the capacity to engender experiential shifts and personal transformation not so common in traditional dream interpretation. All present tend to share the transformative sessions in various ways.
  3. And offers exclusive drumming workshops where he presents a beginner friendly teaching from a variety of traditions, including West African, Cuban, Brazilian, Middle Eastern as well as elements of story-telling and shamanic rhythms and techniques.


"I was first introduced to Bruce Silverman’s “Dream as Ritual” work a few years ago at a week long dream-training seminar at Wisdom University. Under Bruce’s mentorship, I experienced dreaming in a whole new light through song, dance, poetry, and embodied dream theater, going deeper into the feeling and emotion of the dream than I’d ever gone before.

>~(J.F.) Certified Spiritual Mentor and dream facilitator.


...An incredibly amazing weekend for everyone ...tonight was a sacred moment in time for all of us who gathered 'round in our circle. Creative and Divine Energy was swirling around, through over and under us.

~(D.S.) Weekend dream workshop participant.


"John, thank you for introducing us to Bruce. The time spent with him has certainly opened new doors for me! He was awesome! It was awesome!



The International Association for the Study of Dreams (ISAD): 2014) annual conference: Bruce presented the aforementioned workshop called "The Dream as Ritual Encounter", an experiential dream re-entry training for dream workers, therapists, and anyone interested in dreams and ritual. He offers workshops and classes throughout the United States.


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sacred work


Sacred Middle Eastern and World Drumming
Mondays 7:30 – 9:00 pm
A beginner friendly group for men and women that explores rhythms from Cuba, Brazil and West Africa, also Jewish and Middle Eastern drumming that accompanies sacred practices.
Some drums are provided.  

Sons of Orpheus
Wednesdays: 7:30 - 9:00pm
Men's work, including some drumming, poetry and dream exploration. The core of the evening is simply, men sharing personal issues, challenges, hopes and dreams.  




Bruce Silverman

569 Maureen Lane
Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

(925) 685-5585 x 2