bruce silverman

“When I die
bury me under
the great shade trees
in the market place;
I want to hear
the drums beating,
I want to feel
the dancer’s feet.”

Congolese poem


The Cosmos is all about Rhythm. . . .

Yet we who live in it are sometimes out of synch. Bruce’s training and experience as a healer are fundamentally about recovering that essential rhythm and life force which we all lose due to the way we are taught to think, interact with others, and relate to the world around us.


Over the last 30 some years Bruce has ‘practiced’ individual and couples talking therapy, group process work, music and ritual leadership, and community celebrations in the Bay Area, throughout the United States, and overseas.


In 1987 he founded, and continues to direct The Orpheus Healing Arts Institute which includes “The Sons and Daughter of Orpheus,” a community of seekers/artist healers who utilize drum and chant, movement, and dance, sacred circle work, and most of all: ritual . . . the art of arts.


Bruce and the Orpheus community were highlighted in a 1991 Newsweek feature article exploring the role of drumming and ritual as a healing modality for men. The work was the subject of his 1992 CBS TV interview with Charlie Rose. Bruce has worked and/or taught with Robert Bly, Coleman Barks, Jean Shinoda Bolen, Caroline Casey, and most recently with Dr. Raymond Moody with whom he co-led a pilgrimage to ancient Greece. He and the Orpheus community have presented at Zellerbach Auditorium, Grace Cathedral, the Palace of fine Arts, the Esalen Institute, the Ojai Foundation, the Bioneers Conference, and at numerous conferences, parades, sacred gatherings, and social justice demonstrations.


Over the past 20 years Bruce has been on the faculty of Matthew Fox’s Naropa University (Oakland) which became Wisdom University (Jim Garrison, President). Bruce offers a variety of classes: morning sacred practice, dream classes, drumming and sacred sound work, the art of ritual, group process, and has directed the Masters Program and the Art and Healing Program.


Besides the aforementioned institutions of learning, Bruce has offered art-as- healing work at: Burt Children’s Center for Autistic Children, San Francisco, CA., Marin Child Development Center, San Rafael CA., Chocmat Halev Jewish Meditation Center, Berkeley, CA. (where he is a core faculty member), J.F.K University, Orinda, CA., and The Institute for Transpersonal Psychology, ITP, Palo Alto, CA. He is a co-founder of Shir Neshama Havurah, a Jewish Renewal Congregation in Contra Costa County, CA, and is the World Drumming teacher at the East Bay Waldorf School, El Sobrante, CA.


bruce and raymond moody W.U. Greece Pilgrimage 2010
Bruce and Raymond Moody

“The revolution
that will save the world
is ultimately
a personal one”

Marianne Williamson