Book Release Party!

  SO WHAT HAPPENED TO GOD? Religion, Science, and Democracy: Poems & Essays  

When: March 31, 2019 4:00 to 6:00PM 

Where: Chochmat Halev  

2215 Prince St. Berkeley 

in the Social Hall behind the garden.

There will be readings, recitations, and music presented by    Bruce and Gary Lapow, wine and snacks, and moments of     

 good cheer. . . and of course book signing for those who wish to buy the book.

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72 poems and 72 short essays. Includes reflections and midrashim on the Hebrew Bible and the High Holy Days. This unique offering pairs brief essays and poems that probe and tweak our notions about, well, what happened to god and religion. Silverman, a poet, musician, and explorer of dreams and myths, takes us on a ride that is both playful and profound.

The poems and essays are universal in nature, even as he dives deeply into Jewish themes from his own life experience. As Silverman puts it: "Does all consciousness reside inside the scope of the human brain, or does it fly on the wings of birds? To me it's a no brainer.

"The Cosmos is all about Rhythm. . . . Yet we who live in it are sometimes out of synch. Bruce’s training and experience as a healer are fundamentally about recovering that essential rhythm and life force which we all lose due to the way we are taught to think, interact with others, and relate to the world around us.

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